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Water Supply & Drainage System


Hovael Construction operates across all sectors of the water industry that includes a wide range of services. investigation and development of water resources, assessment of water needs & implementation of appropriate supplies as well as the treatment and disposal of wastewater projects across the island. Working in conjunction with Hovael Holdings (Pvt) Ltd as our main supplier of equipments, we deliver cutting edge water supply & management services ranging from investment planning and operational support to design and capability building of water resources.

We have successfully executed large-scale water supply, drainage & wastewater management projects including water transmission mains and distribution mains to the urban areas of Sri Lanka. Hovael Construction (Pvt) Ltd focuses specially on water supplies, drainage and waste disposal. We also address methods for controlling water to avoid water-related damage and catastrophes that we witnessed in recent years.

Our main areas of focus include supplying water for domestic use, removing excess and polluted water after consumption, developing methods to avoid damage from excess water (floods) and planning and management of constructed facilities that address these tasks.


Our Expertise

  • Laying of HDPE, DI and uPVC pipes in water and sewerage transmission and distribution networks.
  • Supply and installation of M & E equipment for water supply and sewerage projects.
  • Structural design, construction & commissioning of water and sewerage treatment plants.
  •  Planning and implementation stages all the way through to project completion


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