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Irrigation System Development


Hovael Group has executed a number of large, medium and small government funded irrigation Projects to completion within their 25 years of competitive existence in the civil engineering sector while adhering to the required and expected quality standards to the fullest. The company has aggressively participated in this sector accumulating invaluable expertise & competencies which lacked by the most of the competitors in the industry.

Hovel Construction (Pvt) Ltd has leveraged its expertise in dam repairs to earth-fill works as well as dam construction and tunnels for several irrigation system development projects in Sri Lanka. We have contributed substantially and creditably in providing our expertise in construction of earth fill, rock fill and concrete dams and tunnels while expanding our scope in the Sri Lankan irrigational industry.


Our Expertise

  • Expertise in planning and implementation stages all the way through to project completion
  • Utilize state-of-the-art engineering techniques
  • In house team of Engineers & Skilled workers
  • State of the art machineries & equipments to carry out any challenging projects effectively & safely


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