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Bridge Construction

For over 25 years, highway and bridge construction works have been core operations for Hovael holdings Group. Our highly experienced team is committed to delivering cost effective schemes with innovative solutions. We are capable of delivering construction schemes from the simplest to the most complex and technically challenging ones while being proactive rather than reactive and aiming to resolve all matters in a professional and timely manner.

We believe effective project planning and coordination ensure smooth implementation. We provide a high quality, efficient service, using modern construction methods which are not only more cost-effective but also minimize disruption to the public. As a C1 rated contractor for bridge construction, we have gained a reputation for high-quality work and timely execution of projects.

Our Expertise

  • Equipped to execute complex projects involving long span bridges comprising special construction techniques.
  • Invested in modern robust execution technologies leading to on-schedule project delivery.
  • Targeting several bridges/flyover projects with long spans warranting specialized construction methods in the international industry
  • Working in collaboration with Hovel Holdings, we employ cutting-edge machinery & equipment to get the job done fast & safely
  • Ongoing training & education opportunities for professionals to stay updated & improve our services


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