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Research, understand and find solutions to the machinery & equipment requirements of diverse industries of Sri Lanka

Invest in state of the art technologies to improve the efficiency & quality of services

Implementing & monitoring safety protocols to ensure the safety of our employees

Maintain & foster long-term continuous relationships with our previous clients

About Hovel Group

With vast experience and an excellent track record, we have positioned ourselves as the ideal solution for all residential and commercial development projects. Operating nearly quarter of a century in the competitive & challenging markets, Hovel Group has established a strong reputation as the quality first partner in all our areas of expertise.  With the visionary leadership, strong financial stability and the team of dedicated employees, Hovel Group envisions traveling a long way in the Sri Lankan business arena and our excellence has been recognized & reinforced by the number of awards & accreditations.



To establish the Hovel Brand in the south East Asian market as a trusted & high quality product & service provider.


To become one of the prominent forces in terms of contribution to the economy of Sri Lanka and the industries we operate, ultimately adding values to the people & the industries.



In all that we do, we are conscious of the impact that our work has on the environment. We help our customers do the same by providing clean, efficient, healthy, and effective solutions on all of our projects.


We meet the mutually agreed-to requirements the first time and strive for continuous improvement of our work processes since our excellently dedicated team offers high quality end result to our customers.


We believe technology can ignite innovation & improved quality & efficiency of what we do. Therefore we have invested in acquiring cutting-edge technologies & methodologies to as an essential step to stay competitive.


We uphold our reputation for integrity in the marketplace and provide an ethical work environment for all our employees and strive to do what is right instead of what is popular when making tough decisions.


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